Working with May Wood Photography and Ave Vale and District Conservation Society to produce a Photo Art installation to be shown at the Big clean in Seaton March 10.


It Never Disappears


Plastic is the workhorse material of the modern economy. Lightweight and durable, it’s been used to make a vast number of products since its introduction over 100 years ago.

However, a study undertaken by the World Economic Forum, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and McKinsey and Company showed the scale of the breakdown in the global plastic system. A full 32% of the 78 million tons of plastic packaging produced worldwide, annually is left to flow into our oceans

32% of 78 million = 25000000 approx

25 million divided by 365 = 70 000 tons / day approx

70000/ by 24 = 3000 / hour approx

Or 500 tons every 10 minutes

On the day of the Big Clean the photographer, May Wood will go out and photograph garbage around Seaton.

The Big Clean runs for 2 hours and the intention is to take an hour to select 6 photos, send them up to Seaton Print to be printed and then to Savooni to be framed/presented and have them on the wall at Pebbles Café for when the event finishes

Each photo then represents 500 tons of plastic or 3000 tons in an hour

Or each photograph takes about a second to take representing one ton of discarded plastic.  One ton in the time it takes to toss a plastic bottle over your shoulder.