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I will soon be starting classes again but just at present I am still exploring the feasability of some classes I would like to run.


Below is a wish list and if you are interested in any of these please feel free to contact me anthen I can keep you updated





In a Rich Webster drawing sessions I will develop your skills and most importantly confidence through drawing from your imagination and real life, but I will start with the question ‘why do you want to draw’.  Drawing can be an end in itself but is more often the beginning of a bigger project.  I will work with you to put your new skills in context and quickly move to a finished artwork





Skateboard Design.

T Shirt Design.  

Graffiti Stencil Design

Abstract Drawing and painting

Drawing for Laser Etching

Drawing on a Tablet

This page is under construction and new info will be added as time goes on.  Please keep calling back for updates.  


My new Facebook page is Savooni Webster

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