John Buckley


John is constantly walking and sketching as he roams the Seaton and Sidmouth area and consequently knows his subject matter intimately.

“it is ingrained in my artistic mind, so that when I paint in my studio I can see and feel the image that I am painting”

In his paintings he is capturing the essence of the subject in styles that are definable, yet capturing the spirit and feeling of experiencing the subject.

“ Some days everything is bright and sharp, sometimes colours are subdued and soft in nature. This is what makes painting so exciting, everything is constantly changing”


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Nic George


Nic George hails from Neath in South Wales but has lived in Devon for many years after settling in Exmouth to study Art and Education. He currently resides as Head of Seaton Primary School but spends his spare time absorbed in his studio at home painting seascapes inspired by the East Devon coastline and the rolling hills of Dartmoor. His work captures the mood of both land and sea during times of turbulent weather by using a range of sombre colours, tones and flowing imagery to express a feeling of anticipation as the weather fronts pass through. He undertakes private commissions and his work has been exhibited at the South West Academy of Art.

Ian Flynn


This is my statement about his work as he didn’t provide me with one so I hope he does not mind.


Ian is perhaps more famous for making twisted wire flowers and small Henry Moresque sculptures which boarder on being craft style objects.  There is a skill to these smaller pieces of course and accessibility to the viewer which makes them desirable objects.  They are born out of the confines of time and studio space but serve to inform his larger scale work.


Steam Punk Girl is an ambitious pulling together of rusted metal shapes and objects in a finely observer form of a female torso.  In the detail there are viciously sharp and jagged pieces which gel together to draw the smooth curves of an athletic, model like cyborg.  The absence of limbs lets the viewer imagine what action the body is making; perhaps she has been parted from an equally super decrepit guitar on which she once banged out the chords of the Cure’s Disintegration


The work is incredibly skilful, not least in the arrangements of disparate objects and shapes and at almost life size has a presence that cannot be overlooked

Annabel Glassby has been exhibiting and selling her work for five years.


She was drawn to landscape and portrait painting using acrylics but loves experimenting with many techniques and media which has led her to mixing acrylics with other liquids, pouring and manipulating the paint without using brushes.


These kind of paintings are untitled as she feels the viewer should enjoy making their own interpretation!